Merengue CMS, a Django based CMS on steroids

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    CMS for python programmers

  • Merengue is a full-featured and pluggable CMS designed for creating websites, writing less code and mantaining clean, elegant and re-usable code.
  • Why another CMS?

  • Although the Django framework is the best tool for creating web apps, with several flagship projects like Pinax, we believe there is no complete Django-based CMS comparable to Drupal, Plone and ModX CMSs.
  • Join our community

  • If you are a passionate Django programer, join our merengue-developers mailing list and look our code, you will like it.

Merengue features

Collaborative edition

This feature allows collaborative editing of a document in real time by multiples publishers users as well as the insertion ...

Gadgets based dashboard

Integrated with free gadgets platform EzWeb, Which allows the development of a virtual desktop iGoogle´s type, but with wiring ...


Merengue, based on Django, allows the use of geographic´s information database. Also simplifies their use and provides with out-of-the-box ...

Translatable models

Merengue incorporates several translation tools, both for translation of content, such as catalogs for translation, as well as a screening ...